I aim to uphold:

•  fundamental agnosticism

•  95% maximum certainty on any position

•  respect for the opposition

•  careful listening


I desire:

•  strong political opponents

•  strong collaborators, with whom to seek common utility

•  to turn the former into the latter

•  to meet someone whose is in possession of more resilient models


I argue in favor of:

•  reconciliation of Left and Right culture & politics

•  restoring human beings as rightful masters of their machines

•  Universal Basic Income

•  appreciation for traditions & order

•  a new politics of common utility, built on harmony of cooperation & competition

•  agnosticism as a kinder, more useful alternative to atheism

•  kindness for all; love for one's enemies

•  animal welfare-- first for the most abused animal on earth: human beings

•  nationwide prioritization of psychological wellness

•  restoration of value and honor to national citizenship as most effective path toward international harmony

•  foundational, collaborative Left / Right welfare project

•  xenophilic restrictionist immigration policy

•  reduction of meat consumption

•  decentralized, anti-fragile energy systems

•  societal ethic of volunteerism, voluntary association, and self-directed Will

•  more moral, more competitive markets

•  promotion of discourse, reason, morals, philosophy, and high art in the public sphere and popular culture

I denounce:

•  rationalism-materialism, and its inaccurate model of human beings

•  worship of machines & material over people

•  all weakness that seeks to control other people, instead of improving them

•  ideologies, but not the people that they control

•  abuse and misuse of science in the public sphere and politics

•  wanton disutility

•  avoidable promotion of weakness

•  all incitement to scorn or hate

•  adversarialism for its own sake, divorced from mutual improvement

2019 by Derek Van Gorder