Derek Van Gorder

towards a philosophy of radical kindness

no idea belongs to me; I compile and rank-order information from others. below I attempt to identify directions of trend.

away from Form

towards Form

human behavior, culture & history can be better understood via evolutionary psychology; we need to find a Game B to survive.

claims we must take our evolutionary program out of the driver's seat. I believe we must put it back in the driver's seat... and give it a better car.

Bret Weinstein

modern society has become hostile to human innovation & thriving; we must embrace high variance to survive. 

focus on rational / scientific analysis at times shortchanges his attempts to find metaphorical certainty.

Eric Weinstein

pragmatist / Darwinian truth supersedes scientific truth. Jung-Nietzsche model of human being true enough. altruism in the under-structure.

lingering ideological conservatism prevents him from seeing more clearly the utility of Left ideals

Jordan Peterson

liberals and conservatives are not just constructed political groups-- they are first two divergent trends of instincts among the social animal 'human.'

does not yet seem to fully grasp the radical implications of his theory.

Jonathan Haidt

ideology is the enemy. pathology is the problem. think first, act later. provides inspiring film analysis.

has not let go of his own ideology. ideas too nebulous to be translated into policy or action. but shows trend towards improvement.

human beings posses innate moral & linguistic drives. citizens are responsible for actions of their own nation first. furious, righteous critique of the most damaging modern American excess: war.

excellent critic of modernity, but lacks solutions. does not address "cat out of the bag" issues. his view of anarchism never convinced as an effective way forward.

Ben Shapiro

too ruled by fear and scorn when discussing the opposition. attachment to ideological conservatism prevents constructive dialogue even with friendly Lefts. however, shows trend towards improvement.

nuanced historical-theological perspective. very effective at defending conservative positions in rational terms. however...

psychoanalysis will be queen of the sciences. history can be psychoanalyzed. affirm life, reject asceticism. the Will is fundamental.

brilliant ravaging of language easily misunderstood. had eyes only for Will; went mad.

Friedrich Nietzsche

all men share similitude of Passions. if you wish to read another, Nosce teipsum--
read thyself. Commonwealth is the foresight of self-preservation.

wrong about state of nature.

Thomas Hobbes

after ruthlessly following the roots of history in all around her, she concluded: to write-- one needs a room of one's own. and five hundred pounds a year.

if only we listened better to her sooner.

Virginia Woolf

2019 by Derek Van Gorder